Exoskeletons for Picking in Logistics: Essential Helpers

When we hear about exoskeletons, the first thing to come up is a sci-fi movie. Little do we know that such support robots are widely used in logistics nowadays to help people feel more comfortable performing physically straining tasks and asking for fewer sick leaves due to injuries.

There are hundreds of benefits to using exoskeletons in the workplace, but many companies are still hesitant due to the price factor. Further in the article, we’ll explain that investment into exoskeletons in the warehouse will save you much more money and effort.

We’ll review the benefits of the approach for both employers and employees in the field of logistics. Warehouses and fulfillment services are important mechanisms without which eCommerce wouldn’t exist on its current scale.

Types of Exoskeletons

There are two main types of exoskeletons according to their mechanisms:

  • An exoskeleton, which has a very high level of support as the motors are working along with the human body, providing external help. This type is heavier, though; it needs more elements to work properly.

  • An exoskeleton, which uses pure mechanics to create a counterweight to the loaded place, thus providing support. You can reduce the strain by 40% with such a model.

So, what’s so good about these seemingly too expensive robots?

TOP Benefits of Exoskeletons in the Workplace

They aren’t that expensive now, first of all. Plus, the benefits bring much more revenue.

Saving Money on Sick Leaves

Employees that are exhausted by the end of the day won’t feel great tomorrow. Many of them may ask for sick leave or look for another place to work. Not to mention employees running the risk of injury working in a warehouse.

A support robot that reduces 40% of the load the person carries every day will help them feel 40% better by the end of the day, injury-free. This will reduce the costs on sick leaves a lot, saving you money.

Reducing Employee Turnover

Your employees will work hard without getting too tired. They will be paid decently, and employees can maintain their outer skeletons regularly. This already sounds like the perfect material for an ad. 

Plus, people won’t be eager to leave, which is also a good metric for any business.

Quicker Task Performance

Of course, it’s easier to move a large box to another section of a warehouse if it feels almost half lighter. In addition, tasks will be finished before their deadlines, increasing revenue since more work can find a place in the daily schedule.

Choose Support Over Frequent Employee Turnover

Investing in robotics once will make you an appealing employer, which means more experienced candidates will try to get a job at your company. In addition, packing, moving, and preparations for shipping will be done much faster, making you a more appealing seller.

As a result, your workers are happy and not exhausted by the end of the day. They don’t ask for sick leaves as minimal to no injuries reduce mental strain. The mechanism works faster, bringing more customers to you since everyone likes their packages shipped as soon as possible!

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