5 Simple Tips For Moving On After Being Ghosted

5 Simple Tips For Moving On After Being Ghosted

Opinions on UK.collected.reviews reveal that being ghosted is very heart breaking and sometimes tends to crush most victims’ self-esteem.

This act has become quite common in recent times, and one the major causes of the increase in this act lately is dating apps. Even the best dating sites have users who would end up ghosting their partners after a considerable time of being together.

Being ghosted is way different from going through a break up, but yet it can be more heartbreaking and painful depending on how much feeling and time the victim invested into the relationship. This also has an effect on how fast the victim would move one after being the experience. For people who have been ghosted, listed below are some tips for moving on quickly:

1. Choose Happiness:

The most important thing to do after being ghosted is to choose to be happy. You have the power to choose to be happy whenever you want to. If this seems a little bit difficult, then you can start by doing some self care, visiting interesting places or by just treating yourself to anything good that will make you happy.

2. Get it Off Your Chest:

You should try your best to get the situation off your chest. You can choose to do this by talking to someone you trust about it or you can simply just write everything you have on your mind down.  This will help lift things off your chest and move on after being ghosted.

3. Liberation:

You can decide to see this act as an opportunity for you to be free and go ahead to  get what you really want. Believe being ghosted as a sort of favor and think about the freedom you now have. Now divert your time, emotion and may be money into something you love and really want to do.

4. Erase Your Fears:

It is very normal for you to freak out after being ghosted. But to move on you need to erase your fears, be bold and strong for what’s ahead. Fear would only make things worse and wouldn’t let you move on. You deserve better and you should aim for that.

5. Self-Loathing:

You need to forgive and stop hating. Once you are able to do this, then you need to understand that you also did nothing wrong. You need to understand that the person couldn’t give you what you needed and that is not your fault. This means it is the person who has a problem and actually needs help.  At this point you’ll understand you deserve much better and then you’ll let go and focus on the better and more fruitful things.


Everyone that has been ghosted at any point needs to go through a healing process because no one is a superhuman, we all have blood flowing through our veins and have loads of emotions. However, with the help of the tips above, you can easily move on after being ghosted. You get to understand your worth, why you need to be treated better, and let go or move on to better things.

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