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Religion and Spirituality: Providing a Sense of Well-Being

Since the beginning of time, most humans have had questions about life, death and about the creator of the universe. It is very natural to ask questions and wonder about such things. What is the difference between a spiritual being versus a religious person? It may be helpful to understand the meaning of spirituality versus religion. Spirituality is more concerned with the human soul and spirit rather than physical or material items. This includes a powerful feeling of inner peace and well-being. A religious person tends to manifest devotion toward a deity, has defined religious beliefs, joins a religious order and is motivated by a moral sense of wrong and right. Religion tends to show traits of godliness, moralistic ideas come through, they may be God-fearing and tend to be saintly. Religion leans toward the worship of a superhuman. This may be a controlling power over humans and the universe. … Read the rest

There are plenty of careers who dependent on a photographer who is able to take great headshots. Headshots are no longer are just for the modeling industry. There are plenty of professions or individuals who would require a good photographer with the skillset to capture their subject. The photography industry grosses over $10 billion annually. There are several independent photographers who are not counted when it was determined there were over 52,000 people who were employed as photographers in 2013. The number of photographers has grown significantly and with the use of various social platforms, there continue to be demand for good photographers who produce great work. By 2018, the independent photographer makes up over 90 percent of the photographer’s workforce. Photographers who work well can be easily found with the use of some criteria.

The Making of a Great Photographer

Any good headshots phoenix are achieved by photographers who … Read the rest

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