Have You Ever Considered Storing Your Spices In Apothecary Jars?

Have You Ever Considered Storing Your Spices In Apothecary Jars

Modern life allows us to go to a supermarket and buy our favorite spices there. Did you know that the containers they use to store these spices are not efficient at all? The best option today is to use apothecary jars made of Miron glass. It is a glass that appears to be black in color but when it comes in contact with light you discover that its real color is violet. Spices are organic substances that are extracted from plants or other processes. I’m sure it seems strange to think of putting your spices in apothecary jars when they already come in their own containers. What’s the point anyway? To make it short, the containers they use to store the spices you buy at the supermarket allow light to cause damage to your spices.

The not-so-short version

The containers that supermarket spices use are transparent. This allows light to pass directly through and alter the properties of the spice. This is why they lose their aroma and flavor over time. If you use apothecary jars made with Miron glass you will benefit in many ways. First, glass is a sterile material, so it does not alter the flavor of the spices. In addition, its particular violet color acts as a kind of filter. Although light passes through the glass, only the good part of the light passes through. Another great advantage is that you can always wash the apothecary jars and reuse them with another type of spice. For example, you can store substances such as coffee, green tea leaves and even spices that you have prepared yourself.

The good part about light?

It is not a phrase taken from a movie, but yes, light has its dark side. Imagine that light is a beam that is made up of layers. These layers are: Visible light, infrared light, ultraviolet light and violet light. The first one is the harmful one. If you use apothecary jars made with Miron glass, only the last 3 rays will reach the inside. You can say that these are the good guys. Since these rays do not alter the molecular structure of the organic substances, they prevent their rapid deterioration. In other words, your spices will keep their aroma and smell for much longer. And if you are one of those who buy imported spices, you will appreciate even more the benefits of putting them inside these apothecary jars. The possibilities are almost endless and depend on your imagination.

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