Some Reasons Why You Want To Use Rattan Furniture

Some Reasons Why You Want To Use Rattan Furniture

Today, you will come through so many pieces of rattan furniture from special parts of the world where Cane Furniture Manufacturer and retailers claim that they have a satisfactory variety. As the prices of wooden fixtures are hiking up these days, rattan furniture is coming up with a terrific alternative for households, offices, and the hospitality industry. These are good reasons why you should love Rattan Furniture.

Years of Popularity:

Rattan has always been a popular preference for home décor and now is gaining a huge reputation in the furniture industry too. This is due to the fact rattan is relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and extremely long-lasting, and has an exotic aesthetic. It is flexible adequate for both indoor and outdoor use – so right here comes the reason for its huge success in the patio fixtures industry.


Rattan furniture or Cane Furniture serves both characteristic and form. Rattan chairs, rattan tables, rattan beds not just seem stylish but these are less costly and long-lasting as well. Rattan is considered as one of the strongest woods in nature, which has a solid core and grows wildly and abundantly in South-East Asian nations like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Various Uses:

The exotic nature of rattan makes rattan furniture mainly appropriate for use in homes and rooms with a tropical or Asian theme. It is broadly preferred by hospitality enterprises and is often used as outdoor furnishings for patios. Not only outdoors, but rattan furniture is also produced for indoor use. Many businesses offer beautiful eating sets, living room furniture units, and even bedroom suites made of rattan. Virtually any kind of fixtures can be made from rattan, from tables and chairs to desks and bed frames to sofas and décor.

Long-Lasting & Easy to Maintain:

Here I am mentioning two factors together as they go side through side. Since rattan is a natural material, furniture made out of it stands for a lengthy period when maintained properly. Unlike furniture made of wood, rattan fixtures are easy to maintain as it does now not require any kind of periodic moisturization with oil and also it retains its shape, shade, and strength for several years. No exclusive chemicals and materials are required to smooth rattan – just wiping it with a damp cloth is all you have to do. Unlike steel lawn chairs and tables, rattan stands up well to all forms of climatic conditions when kept beneath a patio.

One more thing that I would like to point out here is that sometimes human beings take rattan and wicker as similar or interchangeable terms. But actually, they are not! Rattan is a type of wooden while wicker is a style of weaving that makes use of various materials such as cane or bamboo to cowl pieces of furniture. There are numerous kinds of wicker weaving patterns that can be woven over a rattan base, however. So, there are possibilities that you will find some wicker chairs or couch sets when looking out for rattan furniture. In that case, study the specifications and details furnished by the manufacturer cautiously and then go ahead with your choice.

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