Religion and Spirituality: Providing a Sense of Well-Being

Religion and Spirituality: Providing a Sense of Well-Being

Since the beginning of time, most humans have had questions about life, death and about the creator of the universe. It is very natural to ask questions and wonder about such things. What is the difference between a spiritual being versus a religious person? It may be helpful to understand the meaning of spirituality versus religion. Spirituality is more concerned with the human soul and spirit rather than physical or material items. This includes a powerful feeling of inner peace and well-being. A religious person tends to manifest devotion toward a deity, has defined religious beliefs, joins a religious order and is motivated by a moral sense of wrong and right. Religion tends to show traits of godliness, moralistic ideas come through, they may be God-fearing and tend to be saintly. Religion leans toward the worship of a superhuman. This may be a controlling power over humans and the universe. Teachings and doctrines are included in within most religions. This is only touching on ideas surrounding spiritual versus religion. There is much more to know about both of these items.

Not Affiliated and Holding to a Life Stance

Many people make the claim that they are spiritual and they hold no valid religious beliefs. This is referring to holding a belief in God; however, they are unable to justify the teachings that come with a religious order. Traditional religions are not part of the spiritual persons stance. This may be viewed as participating in the idea of a life stance or self-identity. A spiritual person may hold the belief that they are on a path toward furthering their own spiritual growth in this life. Spirituality seems to be more concerned with the spirit realm. This might include; souls, angels, demons and various gods. A spiritual person may have a deep commitment and love for animals, the planet and people. They make loving themselves and others a very high priority. Breathing in an essential element of human life is embraced by a spiritual person. Breathing together with other people can be encouraged. Many people have their own unique definitions of spirituality and what it means to them. There may be variations in the definitions of someone holding to a life stance or practicing spirituality. The holy bible defines spirituality as a relationship between God and man. It includes; discipline of the spirit, holiness, the gift of Spirit and life in the Spirit. A kaddish service may be included in order to honor the life of a person who has passed over. Prayer can be a big part of the spiritual person’s life.

Religion: A Cultural System Relating to Humanity

Religion does not appear to be too different from spirituality. Religion and spirituality both seem to hold the belief that love is vital to all humans. Religion is more organized in the systems and practices. Prophecies, ethics, behaviors, worldviews and supernatural elements are weaved into religion. It is a social-cultural system that includes all humans. It ought to be noted that there are numerous organized religions throughout the planet. Many of them have a loving theme leaning toward the good of humanity.

Offering Peace and Well-Being to Every Human Being

Spirituality and religion both seem to provide humans with a sense of well-being and tend to give people a feeling of peace within themselves. This may be because a supernatural being or person loves and cares for all people. Both offer a sense of hope because a creator is in control of the outcome of this planet and all people.

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